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Minnesota Newborn and Baby Milestone Photographer 

Eagan Minnesota Newborn Photographer


Congratulations on your little one!

Interested in a world where' tiny toes and sleepy smiles take center stage? With a delicate touch and safety as priority, I'm excited to create timeless portraits that celebrate the purest love and innocence. Explore the site and feel free to reach out with any questions!

Located In Eagan, MN
Newborn Photo
Newborn Photo

Hi, I'm Annika- Experienced Newborn Photographer with a love of preserving those newborn moments for parents to cherish forever.

Capturing the first moments of your newborn is a joyous responsibility. This safety certificate represents my unwavering commitment to providing a secure and loving studio. Every detail is crafted with your baby's well-being in mind

Annika, Newborn Photographer
Certified in Safety Newborn Photographer
  • How much are your packages
    I offer 2 fully inclusive Package's: Petite for $200 or Classic for $325 Infant Milestone Photos when baby can sit up unassisted is $200 for a Package My Session Package with more details can be sent over email after using the contact me form!
  • More Newborn FAQ
    When Should I Book My Newborn Session? I recommend scheduling your session when you’re 3 months pregnant. Putting down a retainer fee will guarantee a session spot for you as I take a very limited amount of sessions per month. If you’ve already had the baby, you can still contact me to check my availability and I’ll try to squeeze you in. How Do We Book a Newborn Session When We Don’t Know When the Baby Will Arrive? When you book the session, you’ll tentatively schedule the session 7-14 days from your due date. Once Baby arrives, you will contact me and we will reschedule the session 7-14 days from baby’s actual birthdate. I only book a limited amount of newborn sessions per month so that I can have the flexibility to move your session if needed. Are Family Shots Included in the Session? I offer three types of sessions. My Deluxe Session includes full parents and sibling shots as well as my full newborn session. However, my Classic and Petite Session is for baby only. Do You Provide Outfits, Props, Etc During the Session? Yes! I am a full service boutique studio so I will provide high end props, backdrops, outfits, headbands, hats, and lovies! I will also style the entire session for you! All you have to do is bring baby. What if I’d Like to Incorporate a Special Outfit or Something Sentimental Like a Stuffed Animal or Lovey? Of course! You can absolutely bring an outfit or sentimental item that you’d like to incorporate into the session. If this is something you’d like to do, please let me know in advance so I can plan ahead on how I will incorporate that item or outfit into the session. What Should We Wear to the Session? I recommend wearing neutral colors. I typically photograph the family and parent shots from the elbow up. We want the focus to be on the baby so I would recommend that we stay away from bold prints, patterns and stripes and focus more on neutrals. How Long Will the Newborn Session Last? It depends on which session you choose. The Classic session can take up to 2-3 hours. This allows us plenty of time to change backdrops, outfits, change baby or feed baby if needed. This also accounts for any time needed for settling. The Bundle Me Session is a 1 hour long session because the baby will be wrapped the entire session. Where Will the Session Take Place? The session will take place at my home studio located in Eagan, MN. I have an 600 square feet boutique studio. There is a seating area, tv, wifi, and we encourage all of our clients to use that time to relax as they just had a baby and can be very tired. What Do I Need to Bring to the Session? I’ll provide all the outfits, backdrops, headbands, etc. You can bring diapers, wipes, a pacifier to help soothe the baby, a bottle (if you are breast feeding feel free to bring a pumped bottle) or if you are not pumping you are welcome to breast feed anytime during the session. You are also welcome to bring any snacks. Note: If you’re breast feeding you’re burning more calories than normal and if you’re here for a classic or deluxe session you could be here for 2-3 hour so feel free to bring a snack! What if I don’t want my photos posted on social media? I typically like to post a sneak peek for my clients within a day from their session so they can see at least one image before waiting to see them all (which can take 1-2 weeks for me to edit all the images). How Do I Book a Photography Session With You? The first step is to fill out the contact form above this section so I can learn a little more about you – ie when you’re due, what you’re having? Is this is your first baby? What are you envisioning? What do you plan on doing with the images? Then I will contact you to go over the two types of sessions that I offer, the process, how many images I’ll edit for each session and all the pricing information. How Quickly Will I Get My Images? I can send you the unedited digital collections within 1-2 days to review and pick your favorites that you would like me to edit. It typically takes 1 week for me to edit the images and delivery them in high resolution to the online gallery.
  • When Is the Best Time to Photograph the Baby?
    I like to photograph newborns when they are roughly 7-14 days old. This gives Mom and Dad a week to recover from getting adjusted with the baby and this time frame is also important because the baby can be very red or jaundiced the first few days after they are born. I’ve also found that between 7-14 days old is the best time as the baby is sleepy. This helps me pose the baby during the session. If needed, I can photograph newborns a little older than 14 days, but it can get more challenging once they are one month old, or older.

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